Sting and I were worried about Katherine. What could have happened to her and Melinda was still a mystery. Walking from one side to another, I tried to relax, but I was too worried.

“I still do not understand what happened, Sting. I do not even know if she is still alive.” I shouted.

“Try not to worry, Father. I did some study on medicine and I might help.” He replied.

“How am I not supposed to worry about my wife and unborn daughter? She is your mother, Sting. You should be worried too. And your unborn sister is waiting for the day on which you will be telling her the legend of Faust.” I replied in tears.

“Mother always calls me The Young Master and Faust. How will my sister call me?” He asked.

“I have not thought about it, my boy.  But I think she will end up calling you Faust like your mother.” I replied.

“I wonder why she calls me Faust.” He replied.

“You look like how she imagined him. It all started when you were born. She had heard the legend a few years before you were born, so she started calling you Faust. She really loves you, my boy. And your sister will love you too, Sting.” I replied.

“I’m going upstairs to see how Mother is. Want to come with me?” He asked.

Without saying a word, I followed him to Katherine’s room, where he had placed her earlier, after she fainted. When Sting opened the door, I saw her sleeping peacefully on her bed.

“Keep your voice down, we do not want to wake her up.” I said, touching her face.

Suddenly, she woke up and saw her boy smiling at her and touching her belly.

 “Sting. What are you doing here? It’s late and you and your father should be feeding by now.” She gently complained.

“I know, but I just wanted to see how you are doing. And watch my little sister move.” He replied.

“She is fine, Faust. Now you have to go feed. That is why I fainted. Lack of blood. I need to drain something or your sister and I will be dead.” She replied kissing his cheek.

“He is not a little boy anymore, Katherine. He is a quick learner, and soon he will be feeding alone and attracting girls with his looks.” I replied.

“I should certainly hope so. I do not want him to marry. He will have the children he needs with his sister-wife, Melinda. She will be trained on how to be a proper Queen and she will learn how to please her King, like I do” She replied.

“You mean Melinda and I are engaged, mother?” He asked.

“Yes, but it is not official until she is born. She will be your wife from birth, Sting. Do not forget it, my boy. Your duty until she turns five years old is to teach her everything she must know. You will have to always be at her side, no matter what happens.” She replied.

“I can already imagine my little girl pregnant with his child. Her teenage years will be painful, because she will have to give birth to our grandchild. And she will have a special power.” I replied.

Katherine returned to bed as we left the room. My bloodline was forming itself, and with Sting and Melinda’s engagement, it was stronger than the first line was.