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Sting is the firstborn son of Roderick and Katherine, and therefore the brother of Melinda Halliwell.


Birth and early yearsEdit

"Sting was given away, Katherine, but nonetheless he is still our boy. You seemed to accept that 20 years ago, why cannot you accept that now?"
—Roderick explains Sting's fate[src]

Sting was born on October 2, 1468 to Roderick Halliwell and Katherine Wyatt, his wife. When he was born, his parents had to give him away for unknown reasons. He was eventually given up to Rowan's family and his true parents never saw him again. As a child, Sting was attacked by The Archer and lost his fertility. He had a poor relationship with his half-brother and often used his good personality to keep himself away from Rowan. Sometime before 1483, Sting's foster parents died and he and his half-brother were placed under Roderick's enploy working as bodyguards for him.

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