April 1483

Katherine was back at the house. I was flattered with her beauty. Only six more weeks and we would have a daughter. Rowan was strangely away from me, and he had to leave Sting as my valet.

The next morning, Sting knocked on my door. He was scared and breathing hard. Like if something had happened to him, again.

“What happened, my boy? Why are you breathing so hard?” I asked.

“Rowan. He attacked me, with no reason.” He replied in the middle of an endless cry.

Rowan would never hurt his younger brother, unless... Someone had put him on a trance.

“I have a secret to tell you, Sting. I’m your father. Rowan is your half-brother. I had to give you up. Your mother was too young when she got pregnant, and her parents would send her away if she kept you. So, will you still accept me as your father?” I replied in tears while hugging him.

“I will, father. I knew I had some kind of link with you and mother. So you mean Melinda will be my little sister, right?” He replied.

“Yes, she’s your sister. Would move to The Manor if I asked you to, my boy?” I asked.

“I will pack right away and we can meet at the manor. My half-brother will feel the pain he deserves. After all, I inherited your power.” He replied.

I was astonished. Sting, my long lost son, inherited my power. It was inside him since he was born 20 years ago.

“Show me what you can do, my little Prince.” I challenged him.

As soon as Rowan appeared, Sting concentrated and Rowan became weak. He was so weak that he could not walk properly. Sting closed his eyes and flames appeared. He completely ignored his half-brother’s painful cries while he burned, too.

“You really are my son, Sting. I wanted a proof of what you could do with your powers, and you showed your skill. The next King of Pain and Lord of Suffering. I would even allow you to be Melinda’s mentor when she comes of age.” I replied.

“I never knew I would have a real destiny like this. If I hadn’t find out you were my father, Rowan would have killed me. If I keep using my power on him, soon he will swear loyalty to his Prince!” He shouted.

“Now the young servant will become a master, like I did. You truly are my boy. Come on, we have a lot to do. We will look after your half-brother later.” I replied, looking back to Rowan as we walked back to the manor. Sting was carrying his bags and walked inside with them. When we found ourselves upstairs, I opened the door of one of the rooms. As he looked around, he found himself astonished, because he had lived almost his entire life sharing a small house and a room with a bloody half-brother, and now he had a life of luxury and lust. He sat down on his bed and looked like he was waiting for someone.

“Did you like your gift, my boy?” I asked him.

“As a matter of fact, I did. It was nice of you, father. Now I can turn twenty years old with a special gift. My true parents and a little sister.” He replied.

Katherine knocked on the door and was surprised when she saw her baby boy sitting on the bed.

“Roderick, he looks like a young master on these clothes, and with this hairstyle, he resembles Faust. Our German boy looks so handsome, don’t you think?” She exclaimed.

“How do you know he was our boy?” I asked her.

“His eyes. Those eyes are mine.  And this hair is blonde like my mother’s.” She replied.

“Are you talking about the German legend of Faust? I remember that one. The man who sold himself to the devil in order to gain knowledge about everything that exists.” Sting asked.

“Yes, this one. Roderick used to make me sleep with that one. And you look like him, dear boy. ” Katherine replied.

“Do I really look like Faust, mother?” He asked her.

“At least how I imagined him, yes. You really resemble him to me, Sting.” Katherine replied.

Suddenly, she fainted. Something had happened to my Princess.

“Father, what happened?” Sting asked trembling.

“I don’t know, young Faust. But we must save them until it’s too late.” I replied.