England, August 1459

My eyes fly open and I sit bolt upright in bed, breathing hard. I look around, noticing it's still dark outside. I don't understand why I woke up, only that something seems wrong. I seem wrong. Was it because of a bad dream? Was I even dreaming? I tried to remember, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, my younger brother, Leo, walked in.

“Roderick, why are you still awake?” He asked me with a certain amount of astonishment.

“I do not know. Something is terribly wrong with me.” I answered him, with a trembling voice.

“Like what?” Leo asked.

“I can feel the blood of other people. I’m feeling yours now, Leo. I do not know what is happening to me.” I answered him with tears in my eyes.

“No one can feel the blood of another, Roderick! Are you mad?” Leo shouted.

“Since my birth, I’ve always made people suffer. I am the King of Pain, the Lord of Suffering. I swear for my Halliwell blood” I answered, crying.

Leo looked at me seeing a scared 18-year old. A young King in Pain.

“Should I call you My King now, Roderick?” Leo asked, bowed.

“It would be appropriate for my time as the Patriarch, Lord Wyatt.” I answered with a bitter smile. I knew my bad side was already showing up.