To Steal an Unborn Child
Spell Information

A spell that allows the caster to transfer an unborn child into her womb


Katherine Wyatt




Katherine Wyatt


The caster has to be female and have a good fertility


Dark Magic

"I'll steal his daughter, and we will live happily again."
Katherine explains her plan to Roderick[src]

The To Steal an Unborn Child spell is a spell on the Book of Shadows. It was written and cast by Katherine Wyatt and used to steal Rowan's daughter from her mother's womb to Katherine's own.

History Edit

When Melinda was three, her mother could no longer become pregnant. This caused Roderick to act bitterly towards her. Then, she wrote the spell and cast it on Rowan's wife while she was asleep, making her pregnant with another daughter. ("Raised in Fire")


Your child not yet living 

Shall be mine soon enough 

Mine to do my bidding 

Mine to nurture and love

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